Make Your Damaged Leather Look Like New
Again With Leather Repair Doctor

  • Easily touch-up any leather or vinyl surface
  • Quickly repairs rips, cuts, tears, burns and holes
  • Simple and smooth application
  • No heat required
  • Unique blend of premium components
  • Fast drying, non-toxic, water based solution with no smell
  • Instantly bonds and turns into durable liquid leather
  • Create and match any color 

Leather Repair Doctor is one of the most effective leather repair solutions on the market.

Developed by a Russian chemical engineer, this liquid leather is made with a synergistic blend of premium components. The unique mixture coupled with nanotechnology makes this durable adhesive tough as nails. Yet it stays flexible and elastic.

Plus it's able to withstand extreme cold and hot conditions without cracking. tearing or losing its ability to stay together, keeping your leather looking like new.

Works great with furniture, car seats, jackets, shoes, boots, clothing, chairs, luggage, purses, accessories and anything made with leather or vinyl.

Watch This Demo On How To Repair Tears, Rips and Cuts

Watch This Demo On How To Repair Burns And Holes

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